About Me

Sea-ice scientist, Glaciologist, Remote-sensing geek, Geographer. Rambler, climber, I love to be outdoors, exploring our world. Creator of epic noms, knitter of hats jumpers & scarves who’d love to master socks.

Academic Bio:

“My interest in Polar regions stemmed first from participation in an expedition to Greenland in summer 2000. This interest was further developed during a physical geography degree at the University of Reading, including two periods of fieldwork & travel on Svalbard. An interest in remote sensing came later, whilst pursuing a Masters in Glaciology at Aberystwyth University, the fusion of the two led me to my PhD research on the use of SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) for tracking sea ice movement.

Alongside my PhD research I have gained a variety of teaching experience: delivering lectures, demonstrating for practical sessions and assisting with teaching on an undergraduate field class.

I also served as secretary of the UK Polar Network, a voluntary network with the twin aims of promoting networking amongst, & career development for, early career researchers in all areas of Polar science; and presenting their science to a wider audience through education & outreach events. I was involved in organizing two 3 day events: a ‘Cryospheric Science’ career development workshop at Sheffield in November 2009, and a Remote Sensing Summer School held in Reading in July 2011.

All this brings me to the post-doc I just started at Norwegian Polar Institute; where my research will use remote sensing techniques to investigate sea ice thickness and dynamics.

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Outside the office I am most likely to be out and about enjoying the great outdoors: hiking, running & rock climbing. This blog is at the moment used only for the personal, although I may add more from the academic side in future; it goes without saying that any views presented here are my own, & do not reflect the views of any employer, current or past.