Spring has Sprung

Well, time has flown by, spring has sprung with an explosion of green & we are now into full on Tromsø summer (in that it is currently raining, but it was 20 degrees last week!). I had an extremely hectic spring:

Richard arrived in Tromsø for good the same week that I got back from Australia. This was a pretty big adjustment for him to some of the things I’d already had time to get used to – climate, language, Norwegian supermarkets etc etc; and for me to having him underfoot in the tiny tiny flat I’d got used to being alone in! We spent some time apartment hunting & eventually lucked out, finding a nice flat through word of mouth. Its it little ways out of town in a nice quite area with easy access to the mountains, but on the correct bus route for my work, perfect!

We had some fun in the snow together, visiting the ski hill at Målselv with a whole gang of my mates, where Richard rented a snowboard & we tried to lose him in the trees, and making a handful of local cross country ski trips on our fjellski before the snow at low levels all melted away.

At easter we took a ‘hyttetur’ with a couple of friends to Gaskashytte, reached by skiing across Altevatnet. We had some ‘interesting’ weather on the Saturday, necessitating a mostly indoor day, but glorious sunshine for the ski back on the Sunday.

When the snow started to melt we also had our first taste of climbing on Kvaløya granite, which was fantastic. Can’t wait for further climbing opportunities (& for the bulk of our climbing gear to catch up with us, we’re still waiting for our shipment of belongings from the UK to arrive).
IMG_0748 IMG_0763

Richards belief that there was no real point him investing in randonee skis & skiing lessons because the snow was nearly done when he arrived was proved entirely wrong when I was still heading out on ‘topptur’ without him right up until the 1st June. I’ve been really lucky in meeting some really great people who are happy for me to participate in skiing trips despite still not understanding 90% of what is said to me. Three trips that really stick in mind are:

Durmålstind in perfect sunshine with FSG on April 13th:

Styrmannstind May 7th – an evening tour with some friends:

…and the king of them all: Jiehkkevarri (1834m) in the Lyngen alps, the highest mountain in Troms county. We made a traverse via Holmbukttind (1666m) and Kveita (1751m) ~25km, 14 hours, 2300m total height gain. This was a very long but utterly fantastic day out.

My ski season ended with Store Russetind on June 1st, in very grey weather. Very slushy skiing which was lovely actually as the slush is really forgiving and makes even the steeps easy, which I needed as my legs were still jelly from the Jiehkkevarri traverse!