Birthday Topptur

Topptur is a very Norwegian thing… its the act of going up a mountain on skis, then skiing down again, hopefully making some nice turns on the way. Topptur is a misnomer in a couple of ways… for one thing you often don’t reach the top, for another I think a tour ought to go from a to b, but these mostly go out & back the same way…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Anyhow,  having got myself some quite lovely skis I was determined that there should be a topptur on my birthday! A gentle topptur, given my husbands somewhat limited skiing experience, but a topptur nonetheless.
We skied up to Nonsbu, one of the TT huts, on Dec 25th with a friend & her dog, bringing with us an enormous pot of curry, a giant fruit cake that doubled as Christmas & Birthday cake (the icing suffered slightly on the trip up!), several tons of chocolate/sweets & crisps, and some Jule-Øl (thats christmas beer).
Unfortunately the weather was not in favour of my toppturing plans, being windy & cloudy and disgustingly warm! We took a trip up to the 653 spot height on Blånova in some terrible visibility on the 26th – heres the summit shot!


Of course Richard is a superhero for coping with all of this (especially the descent back from Nonsbu to the car in super icy conditons) on the cross country skis we rented him & not resorting to the snowshows we brought along just in case. Sometimes I wonder why the man puts up with me & my crazy escapades! Best husbeast ever!