Pic spam from Gappohytta

Yup, I’ve been on another trip! Gappohytta is in inner Troms, its 11km ski from the trail-head at Rognli and it is GORGEOUS. It was also freezing, ~ -20C plus windchill. Brrrrrrrr! Hard to convey the sense of freezing cold emptiness up there with nothing but mountains & snow for miles… but here are some piccies:


Life in the Lap of Luxury!

So for something a little different a colleague & I rented the work ‘hytte’. Our employers have arranged subsidized rental of a very nice hut in Malangen, I mean a seriously luxury hut with a proper kitchen (inc dishwasher), hot tub, sauna, log fire, super cheap. We had a couple of days topptur in that part of the world, tackling Fugltinden and Kvannfjellet, and reaching the top of neither. Both days we opted to turn around at ~650m when the really wind sculpted ice began. Conditions havn’t been great for topptur for a while, we’ve not had any new snow snow since before Christmas & around Christmas we had a lot of warm weather melting & refreezing & turning everything to ice. The weather on this trip was absolutely beautiful tho, clear & cold. Because it’s been wonderfully cold, there was sea fog, so all of the trees along the coast wear this beautiful coat of ice crystals. At night those same icy trees sparkle in the headlights, like driving through a forest made of diamonds. Beautiful clear days (above the fog) so we could see mountains for miles, & all the sunset colours in the sky all day, yellow & orange & pink (the sun is still below the horizon at this time of year). It’s just stunning! The end of the descent on Saturday in the dark with headtorches was like skiing on a carpet of diamonds.


New Year at Jœgervasshytta

Another celebration, another hut trip, this time to Jœgervasshytta in the Lyngen Alps, my current favorite of the Troms Turlag huts, partly because its beautiful and partly because it was the first I visited & that trip was the start of a series of good things & new friends for me.
How many people can say they saw the northern lights at the turn of the year & went skiing on a frozen lake on new years day? We now can! And we were treated to an even more amazing northern lights display on the evening of the 1st… pink and ‘dancing’ lights. Heres some piccies from the trip:

IMG_2906 IMG_2889 IMG_0252 IMG_0234

Birthday Topptur

Topptur is a very Norwegian thing… its the act of going up a mountain on skis, then skiing down again, hopefully making some nice turns on the way. Topptur is a misnomer in a couple of ways… for one thing you often don’t reach the top, for another I think a tour ought to go from a to b, but these mostly go out & back the same way…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Anyhow,  having got myself some quite lovely skis I was determined that there should be a topptur on my birthday! A gentle topptur, given my husbands somewhat limited skiing experience, but a topptur nonetheless.
We skied up to Nonsbu, one of the TT huts, on Dec 25th with a friend & her dog, bringing with us an enormous pot of curry, a giant fruit cake that doubled as Christmas & Birthday cake (the icing suffered slightly on the trip up!), several tons of chocolate/sweets & crisps, and some Jule-Øl (thats christmas beer).
Unfortunately the weather was not in favour of my toppturing plans, being windy & cloudy and disgustingly warm! We took a trip up to the 653 spot height on Blånova in some terrible visibility on the 26th – heres the summit shot!


Of course Richard is a superhero for coping with all of this (especially the descent back from Nonsbu to the car in super icy conditons) on the cross country skis we rented him & not resorting to the snowshows we brought along just in case. Sometimes I wonder why the man puts up with me & my crazy escapades! Best husbeast ever!