Snow, snow & more snow (early november)

ooops, entirely forgot to post this at the time.

Tromsø is having a record autumn where snow is concerned, we’ve had loads! Its so pretty:
IMG_0015 IMG_0001

I’ve had a stinking cold for a couple of weeks & been very busy househunting. Ive moved into a basement flat of my own (basement flats are such a Tromsø thing, everyone has one). This is until May so I still have to deal with Tromsø’s ridiculous housing market all over again, but at least I have respite for now.

Richard visited again mid November, we went out to Skulsfjord, a village on the western side of Kvaløya (Kvaløya is the much larger island that lies to the north west of Tromsø) to stay with a friend & went for a very snowy walk into the hills there ‘discovering’ a cabin.IMG_2753