Well, until today we still had snow – beautiful and wonderful and exciting! It is now raining.

Ive been out to Skulsfjord again, this time with my skis, and proved just how much quicker it is to travel in snow on ski than on foot, as we reached the same point up the track in half the time. Ok, so this may be partly due to the skiing being husky assisted; apparently the only thing that make a husky happier than pulling one person around is pulling two!

I am pleased to report all falling down on skis so far this season has been dog related, none under my own steam 🙂

Last weekend I was at the Fjellsportgruppa Julebord (thats a Christmas party), which was held in one of the TT huts, Trollvassbu. We had the most amazing weather for the ski in on Friday night, around -12, completely calm, no wind at all. It was so bright with the snow sparkling in the moonlight, northern lights & so many stars that we didn’t need our head-torches turned on to ski.

Lovely weekend.


Snow, snow & more snow (early november)

ooops, entirely forgot to post this at the time.

Tromsø is having a record autumn where snow is concerned, we’ve had loads! Its so pretty:
IMG_0015 IMG_0001

I’ve had a stinking cold for a couple of weeks & been very busy househunting. Ive moved into a basement flat of my own (basement flats are such a Tromsø thing, everyone has one). This is until May so I still have to deal with Tromsø’s ridiculous housing market all over again, but at least I have respite for now.

Richard visited again mid November, we went out to Skulsfjord, a village on the western side of Kvaløya (Kvaløya is the much larger island that lies to the north west of Tromsø) to stay with a friend & went for a very snowy walk into the hills there ‘discovering’ a cabin.IMG_2753